Equity – Everyone who collaborates with En Garde Arts needs to be paid a fair wage. Human resources need to be respected so that health and wellness values can be achieved and maintained.

Diversity – En Garde gives preferential value in its programing to artists from traditionally disenfranchised cultures. We engage in active conversations with all of our collaborators to ensure that the creative support that we provide is knowledgeable about the issues addressed and we are committed to hiring outside consultants as needed.

Inclusion – We believe that bringing people together who aren’t normally in conversation with one another is essential. This entails embracing conversations with communities from fundamentally different backgrounds or perspectives. This requires an understanding of our own biases and establishing an institutional culture that makes it possible to learn from our mistakes so we can be stronger as an organization.

Accessibility – En Garde Arts strives for accessibility through the nuanced nature of the stories we tell, the audiences we bring together with divergent points of view and the meaningful community partnerships we  build over time.