June 22-25, 2017

at Brookfield Place New York

Co-comissioned by Arts Brookfield and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council as part of the River to River Festival 2017

Written & Directed by Jimmy Maize
Composed by Heather Christian
Choreographed by Wendy Seyb
Downtown Voices Choir, Mama Foundation, Wednesday Sings Choir

Starring JeVon Blackwell, Molly McAdoo, Esaú Mora, Renaldy Smith, Ayana Workman, and Luke Zimmerman

Acting Ensemble: Tori Ernst, Thomas Jaeger, Rachael Worthington

Dance Ensemble: Marika Abe, Elaine Baez, Summer Gan (Dance Captain), Emily Garrison, Kory Geller, Arlene Howell, Rachel Jarvis, Nicholas Johnson, Lucile Jorba Y Campo, Liberty Laferriere, Kelsey Leland, Angela Morgan, Scott Shedenhelm, Tara Lynn Steele (Dance Captain), Fiona Tsang, Leanne Velednitsky, Katie Wilson, Emily Wong, Elizabeth Yako

Downtown Voices choir: Rachel Bazaz, Mary Kathryn Bessinger, Emilie Bishop, Tony DiTaranto, Stephen Foster, Ryan John, Jennifer Joyce, Inge Konther, Jessica Lightfoot, Bennett Mahler, Maurice Marvi, Elena McEntire, Pamela Mosley, Mason Murray, Scott Pashman, Nanette Gahn Pezzutti, Leighanne Saltsman, Denis Sheeran

Mama Foundation “Wednesday Sings!” choir: Franklin Chue, Nadine Daniels, Janet C. Gordon, Audrey Hayes, Wanda Hill, Aya Lamont, Anita Lee, Laureen Mannino, Grenetta Mason, Kazuko Minamoto, Theresa Phillips, Annette Smith, Sharyn Thomas, Cynthia Thrasher, Vanessa Truell, John White, Vanessa Whyte, Maya Yoshida

Set Design Meredith Ries
Costume Design Abigail Hahn
Lighting Design Robert Henderson
Sound Design Andrew Schneider
Music Direction by Heather Christian
Dramaturgy  Morgan Jenness
Sound Engineer Tyler Kieffer
Associate Sound Design by Bobby McElver
Associate Direction Maridee Slater
Assistant Dramaturgy Jake Simard

HARBORED interweaves oral histories, archived material, historical fiction, poetry, music and dance to survey two centuries of immigration tales and reveal how the American Dream both delivers and fails on its promises. Visionary director Jimmy Maize and genre-bending choreographer Wendy Seyb team up with “Downtown Innovator to Watch” Heather Christian for a site-specific tour de force that marks a bold return to En Garde Arts’ roots in civic spectacle.

With an ensemble of over fifty performers, including Trinity Church’s Downtown Voices choir and the Mama Foundation’s “Wednesday Sings!” choir from Harlem, HARBORED transforms the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place into the immersive environments of the uncharted Americahn West and the bygone urban landscapes of 20th Century New York City.

Beginning at 12:00 pm on performance days, shoppers, tourists and passersby have the opportunity to step into a special phone booth within Brookfield Place and tell an interviewer their immigration stories. These testimonials are incorporated into the HARBORED performances just hours later, evoking new meanings in the piece and celebrating America as a complex and interconnected land.