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Albert Camus’

to benefit En Garde Arts
an immersive theatre piece with angst and alcohol

  • Hudson Social, Dobbs Ferry
  • Sunday, October 29th, 5 pm
  • Tickets are $35 — Extremely limited capacity!

Ronald Guttman (TV: Mad Men, Mildred Pierce, Homeland, Mozart in the Jungle) Film: (August Rush, Avalon, The Hunt for the Red October, 27 Dresses, 13) takes on the role of Jean Baptiste Clamence in Camus’ last great novel. Sitting in a bar in the red-light district of Amsterdam circa 1956, a man revisits the moral uncertainty and hypocrisy of his past and the bad faith of his good conscience.


  • Written & Directed by Jimmy Maize
  • Composed by Heather Christian
  • Choreographed by Wendy Seyb
  • Co-comissioned by Arts Brookfield and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

HARBORED interweaves oral histories, archived material, historical fiction, poetry, music and dance to survey two centuries of immigration tales and reveal how the American Dream both delivers and fails on its promises. Visionary director Jimmy Maize and genre-bending choreographer Wendy Seyb team up with “Downtown Innovator to Watch” Heather Christian for a site-specific tour de force that marks a bold return to En Garde Arts’ roots in civic spectacle.

With an ensemble of over fifty performers, including Trinity Church’s Downtown Voices choir and the Mama Foundation’s “Wednesday Sings!” choir from Harlem, HARBORED transforms the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place into the immersive environments of the uncharted Americahn West and the bygone urban landscapes of 20th Century New York City.

Beginning at 12:00 pm on performance days, shoppers, tourists and passersby will have the opportunity to step into a special phone booth within Brookfield Place and tell an interviewer their immigration stories. These testimonials will be incorporated into the HARBORED performances just hours later, evoking new meanings in the piece and celebrating America as a complex and interconnected land.


  • World premiere at Abrons Arts Center, NY
  • Written by Seth Bockley & Anne Hamburger
  • Directed by Seth Bockley
  • Movement by Devon DeMayo & Patrick McCollum
  • Music by Kyle Miller & Towr’s, Kyle Henderson & Desert Noises and Gregory Alan Isakov
  • Video by Michael Tutaj
  • Sound by Mikhail Fiksel
  • Lighting by Scott Bolman

A 21st Century portrait of real parents and adolescents struggling to find connection.

“Despite the complexity of its structure, the production’s emotional fluency is bell-clear.”

The New York Times


  • World premiere at Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY
  • Created by Edward Bilous
  • Directed by Seth Bockley
  • Adapted by Jason Grote, Seth Bockley & Anne Hamburger
  • Music by Michelle DiBucci, Greg Kalember & Edward Bilous
  • Video & Projection by Sarah Outhwaite
  • Lighting by Paul Hudson
  • Toured to over 40 cities nationwide with extensive engagement programming
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A multimedia testimonial about the life-altering impact of war on veterans and their families.

“[A] powerfully moving work of documentary theater…”

The New York Times


  • Presented at a Private Residence, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
  • Presented in association with This is Not a Theatre Company
  • Written by Charles L. Mee, Jr. and Jessie Bear
  • Conceived and Directed by Erin B. Mee
  • Choreography by Jonathan Matthews
  • Videography by Stefan Hartmann

A questioning of the responsibilities and obligations of the true ruling class, set against the backdrop of a global crisis at a house party.

“The overall tone, to the credit of director Erin B. Mee, helps the show maintain a sort of ‘whistling past the guillotine’ balance between the obvious and the unsettling.”


BOSSS — Big Outdoor Site Specific Stuff

  • Presented at Hudson River Park, NY
  • Conceived by Anne Hamburger

A free festival of work by nine creative teams comprised of New York’s rising generation of innovative theatre artists.

“Presented by En Garde Arts, it’s all part of Ms. Hamburger’s bold re-entry into New York theatre.”

The New York Times



  • Presented at The Victory, NY
  • Written by Mac Wellman
  • Directed by Richard Caliban

A ghost play illuminating The Victory’s storied past, salvaging the 42nd Street theatre following decades of decay.

“Crowbar, the newest site-specific project of Anne Hamburger’s En Garde Arts company, is an act of reclamation and renewal.”

The New York Times


  • Presented at Penn Yards, NY
  • Adapted by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
  • Directed by Tina Landau
  • Starring Jefferson Mays

A modern retelling of the ancient Greek play by Euripides, with America as collapsed Greece.

“Another of the En Garde Arts company’s site-specific shows, ORESTES proves among the best.”



  • Presented in Meatpacking District, NY
  • Written by Mira-Lani Oglesby and Reza Abdoh
  • Directed by Reza Abdoh

A deconstruction of the Brothers Karamazov presented as a sprawling pageant.

“The performances are as large and passionate as the audacity of the conception.”

The New York Times


  • Presented at Towers Nursing Home, Central Park West, NY
  • Written by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
  • Directed by Anne Bogart

A surrealistic exploration of what it means to be an outsider.

“ANOTHER PERSON surges with vitality, but it doesn’t shrink from its vision of the world as a chamber of horrors where only a lucky few get to sit at the banquet table and happily gorge to their hearts’ content.”

The New York Times


  • Presented outside Federal Hall Manhattan, NY
  • Music by Jonathan Larson
  • Libretto by Jeffrey M. Jones
  • Directed by Jean Randich
  • Choreography by Doug Elkins

An interweaving of history, economics, and musical theatre, based on the events surrounding JP Morgan’s attempt to save the nation from financial collapse during the panic of 1907.

“This is surely your only chance to watch stockbrokers strangling each other on Wall Street to the rhythms of a rock minuet.”

The New York Times


  • Presented at East River Park Amphitheater, NY
  • Written by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
  • Directed by Tina Landau
  • Starring Sharon Scruggs

A modern retelling of the ancient Greek play by Euripides, with a world reduced to such disarray and anguish that it will never recover.

“There is a perversely appealing logic in a production that equates the Trojan War with an Astaire and Rogers picture, where the only thing that got injured was Edward Everett Horton’s dignity.”
The New York Times
  • CR: Graham Brandon Photography


  • Presented at Liberty Theatre, NY
  • Written by T.S. Eliot
  • Directed by Deborah Warner
  • Starring Fiona Shaw
  • Winner of two Drama Desk Awards for Outstanding One Person Show and Unique Theatrical Experience

A one-woman recitation of one of the most important poems of the 20th Century, shifting between voices of satire and prophecy.

“A spellbinding interpretation.”

The New York Times

To produce bold, unconventional, and innovative multimedia and interdisciplinary theatre that marries content with community and inspires dialogue and debate about the salient issues of our time.


Anne Hamburger | Founder & Artistic Director

Select Photographs by
Maria Baranova Photography

Anne Hamburger | Founder

Select Photographs by
Maria Baranova Photography

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© 2016 En Garde Arts