logo of playdate, which consists in the word play in orange + the word date in yellow. Underneath, the tagline "ultimate theatre hang" can be read

mingle – drink- share – commune – play

playdate is En Garde Arts’ newest performance series celebrating early career artists. Hosted in a very cozy backyard, playdate is a series of community gatherings that support innovative works-in-progress by artists who desire a space to play with new ideas and make new connections. Come to enjoy a drink, nibbles, entertainment, and see what we can create together – let’s play!

“From a raw & barely-written draft that I’d definitely never have brought to a higher-pressure space, something started coalescing in the Playdate backyard that’s looking like the seed of a whole new work.”

-Elizagrace Madrone


This year En Garde Arts will host the Best of Playdate Outdoors in June followed by two additional playdates in July and August in Anne Hamburger’s backyard.