En Garde’s Uncommon Voices gave artists a platform to develop new projects in front of an audience in a 65 seat cafe. We were thrilled to give support to some of New York City’s most exciting creative voices.

With the advent of COVID-19, it was impossible to bring audiences back to this intimate indoor space so switched gears: Uncommon Voices transformed to Uncommon Voices: Unexpected Places. We continued this program site-specifically, returning to our roots to use the city as our stage.

Wartime Canteen for a New Era

The first Uncommon Voices: Unexpected Places event!
David Greenspan – Creator & Performer
Jamie Lawrence – Arranger, Performer, & Music Director

OCTOBER 17 & 18 AT 11AM

During World War II, stage and film actors hosted military personnel at Stage Door Canteen on the East Coast and Hollywood Canteen of the West Coast, offering them food, drink and company – and perhaps most importantly entertainment.  David Greenspan’s Wartime Canteen for a New Era, featuring Jamie Lawrence brought life to the streets of Boerum Hill. For three performances on Saturday and Sunday, we closed off the street, rerouted the busses, put 50 Xs down with chalk that were six feet apart so that David would sing and tell stories for a very appreciative audience that hadn’t seen any theatre in person since March. It was joyous. It was a homecoming. 

Stefan Grybauskas, Deputy Director of the Street Activity Permits Office said, “Your event was definitely a trailblazer for pop-up cultural events to come.”

Special thanks to:
The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce’s Bring Back Brooklyn Grant (PPE Donation)
The Community Policing Division of the 84th Precinct
Invisible Dog

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