Undocumented brings to life the real stories of undocumented immigrants living in the United States originally from Latin America.  Adapted by Andrea Thome and directed by Jose Zayas, the show will take the form of a fandango (community celebration) with live performance, dance and music by composer/performer Sinuhé Padilla. Interviews with undocumented immigrants have been conducted both in New York and at two residencies at the Orchard Project and Space at Ryder Farm.   Six professional actors and four musicians will perform the show planned for a five borough tour. What is it like for undocumented immigrants who have settled here, yet often must keep their presence hidden? Partnering with community organizations that serve undocumented immigrants, we aim to go beyond the limited narrative that is too often presented by our media and politicians. What are the many reasons they’ve come, and what are their lives like now? Together, they question: where can we call home?


Engagement Party
Written by Leila Buck, Directed by Tamilla Woodard
A deeply immersive, accessible theatrical piece that explores and explodes the notion of hospitality and what it means to welcome someone from a different culture, race, religion, and/or country at our table. In 2021, the piece will premiere in New York City and then tour to select sites around the country.