The city is our stage.


Behind Closed Doors (Working title)





En Garde Arts creates, produces and presents bold theatre experiences that reach across artistic, physical and social boundaries.

We are itinerant and site-specific. We bring performance to unconventional audiences by presenting in non-traditional spaces. We have a nearly 40 year reputation for using the city as our stage and mounting productions in unlikely places.

We create long-lasting relationships with  communities and neighborhoods, partnering with local residents and businesses to bring their stories to life.

We are creative anthropologists who excavate the depth of human stories and place heart at the center of our work. 

Looking forward

We are  transitioning to a new leadership model that allows for multiple creative perspectives to inform the curation of our various programs.

We aim to become a cultural hub and a mentorship home for creative producers who can in turn mentor us. 

We make the impossible, possible.

Land Acknowledgement

We at En Garde Arts acknowledge that we live and work on the unceded land of the Lenape Peoples. En Garde Arts recognize the longstanding significance of these lands for Lenape nations past and present and that New York City currently has the largest urban Native population in the United States. This acknowledgement demonstrates a commitment to beginning the process of working to dismantle the ongoing legacies of settler colonialism.This is a living land acknowledgement, and we will continue to revise and strengthen it in collaboration with community members.